Harmful Effects Of Not Clipping Your Pets’ Nails

Just like fur brushing and bath time, clipping your pets’ nails should be a part of their regular grooming routine too! Not only is this important in helping to maintain their health and wellbeing, but it would also definitely save your furniture and floors from becoming a patchwork of scratches.

Outdoor pets generally do not require nail clipping because the gravelly and rough surface outdoors would wear down their nails naturally. In contrast, the smooth floors and plush tapestries of our homes do not provide our pets with the ideal condition to do so. These days, with most pets being indoor dwellers (in part because owners want to shield them from potential dangers outdoors), all the more is it important for us, as pet owners, to help trim our pets’ nails; not doing so might pose a health risk to our pets!

Difficulty walking and running

When your pets’ nails get too long such that it clicks against the floor each time they walk, their paws are exerting a constant force back into the nail bed, causing pain and putting extra pressure on the feet. Think of this as wearing shoes that are too tight, the front of your shoes pressing down against your nail bed. Over an extended period, this constant pressure against your nail bed can cause your nails to grow into your skin!

If this problem persists for a prolonged period of time for your furry companions, it may cause some discomfort in your pets, leading them to distribute their weight unevenly while they walk and eventually rendering a misalignment of the joints in their front legs. This problem is exacerbated if your pet is overweight. When not resolved, the paws and claws of your pet will look abnormally extended and flattened, possibly causing difficulty in mobility and worst, injury.

Overgrown nails can damage footpads

In the most severe cases, when the nails are not cut for a long time, they can curl back into your pets’ footpad, piercing it and causing injury and infection. Sometimes, long nails may even break and split — a harrowing condition that would require immediate veterinary attention.

Long nails look unappealing and can cause damage to the household

Apart from posing a health hazard to your pets, long, uncut nails also look rather unkempt and can also seriously damage your floors, home furnishings and walls. Avoid scratches to your furniture, and prevent your pets from injuring themselves (when their nail tips catch on things) by clipping their nails regularly!

All in all, we believe that clipping your pets' nails should be an integral part of their grooming routine and must be done regularly. As pet parents, we want what’s best for our furry companions; this includes routine clipping to make sure that our pets remain in the pink of health! If you’re facing some difficulties in clipping their nails on your own, you could always seek the support of a professional groomer.

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