How Poisonous Are Essential Oils And Liquid Potpourri To Cats?

Essential oils and liquid potpourri are essential organic compounds in plants and are commonly found in household products. Essential oils are famous for their aromatherapy and present in foods and beverages, cleaning products, fragrances, air fresheners, and personal care products.

These products are usually very appealing to the human nose. Still, they can be very toxic to your cat if exposed to its skin or ingested. In this article, we will discuss how poisonous essential oil and liquid potpourri are to cats.

How Poisonous Are Essential Oils And Liquid Potpourri To Cats?

Liquid potpourri and essential oils are made up of chemicals that can be quickly absorbed through orally or skin. Cats are very sensitive to essential oils because they lack most of the liver enzymes necessary to metabolize these oils.

These essential oils are dangerous in small amounts, and just a couple of licks can cause severe damage. Cats are generally exposed to these products when they taste liquid potpourri or when any part of their body comes into contact with the liquid that is spilled anywhere on the floor from an overturned container. As you know, cats groom themselves, so when these products come into contact with their skin; they groom themselves and often ingest these products.

If your cat, whether old or young, suffers from liver disease, she can be seriously affected by its effect. If your kitty comes in contact with the liquid potpourri or essential oil, she may also get skin irritation and burns.

What are the signs of essential oil and liquid potpourri poisoning?

Some common signs that appear as a result of essential oil and liquid potpourri poisoning are:

• Difficult breathing

• Muscle tremors

• Vomiting

• Difficulty in walking

• Drooling

• Weakness or lethargy

• Skin burns or redness

• Pawing

What to do if your cat gets exposed to essential oils or liquid potpourri?

If your cat is exposed to essential oil or potpourri, immediately contact your veterinarian, animal poison control centre, or an animal emergency hospital. Some people try to induce vomiting in their cats but do not try it at home because it can make the condition worse.

If your cat's eyes are exposed to any of these liquids, it is recommended to rinse them immediately. If the skin is exposed to any dishwasher or soap, it is recommended to remove it immediately. If these products are ingested, drinking milk or using dairy products can help neutralise the detergent effect of the liquid potpourri.

However, if the cat has a severe problem, hospitalisation is necessary, and her veterinarian will treat her with intravenous fluids, and further treatment will be done based on clinical signs.

How to prevent essential oil and liquid potpourri poisoning?

You may have heard that prevention is better than cure and that it fully applies in this situation. You must protect your cat from coming into contact with these chemicals. Before using any supplements or essential oils, consult your veterinarian first.


Essential oils and liquid potpourri poisoning is very common in cats, but you can prevent this problem by keeping all of these chemicals out of your kitty's reach.